Through the efforts of the College of Mass Communication, Al Falah University hosted an open meeting with the students and Egyptian artist Hani Ramzi and Director Amr Abdeen to discuss their art and media work.

Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, President of the University welcomed the distinguished guests. He also added that Media in general no longer encompassed newspaper, television or radio only, but also includes the different social media platforms such as YouTube and other contemporary mediums.

Mr. Ramzi thanked the warm welcome and the opportunity to talk with students, particularly those studying in the field of Mass Communication. He shared anecdotes of his experiences when he was just starting in the industry. He also addressed several issues regarding art and media, such as the decline of Egyptian cinema compared to other countries and about the power and credibility of media in the present time.

Director Abdeen, on the other hand, talked about the technical and behind the scenes aspect of making a film such as considering scenarios, the various cornerstones of the film industry, his vision as a director and stressed that certain rules and regulations should be followed to have an output of global box office quality.