The Media Office at Al Falah University collaborated with the College of Mass Communication and the Deanship of Student Affairs to organize AFU’s 1st media forum regarding the “Strength and Trends of Social Media”.

Distinguished social media influencers attended the forum. Ms. Diala Ali and Ms. Mitha Ibrahim from Sama Dubai and Mr. Abdullah Bin Dafna from Emarat TV graced the event and imparted their experience and authority regarding the topic.

Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, AFU Chancellor opened the forum and welcomed the participants. He stated that “Social media today is characterized by its adaptability, its velocity to disseminate information to a wider audience and its impact on the society. Social media is a tool and available to all but should be used with greater caution.” He also expressed his gratitude for the participation of “digital media pioneers in the UAE to discuss the strength and trends of social media and to raise awareness on the importance of media in our daily lives.”

The forum also highlighted the importance of digital media at present times, the pros and cons of media’s digital transformation, marketing content, the role of social media influencers in enriching the intellectual level of the society and how to properly utilize the power of social media.

The forum is a testament of Al Falah University’s keenness to host educational and informative assemblies to benefit its students, for this forum, College of Mass Communication students and the public as well as part of community engagement.