The Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Samer Abdel Hadi gave a consultation session to parents at the Maria Coptic School on parenting, effective methods of raising children and ways to deal with the aggressive behavior of students.

Dr. Abdel Hadi talked about the importance of the meeting and the need for the continuous positive development of the relationship between teachers and parents by having various social activities. These joint activities could help both teachers and parents address the student’s problems, whether behavioral or academic. He also touched on how parents should approach their children and how to nourish their relationship to benefit their educational output. 

He also stressed that there are many factors that affect the performance and educational achievement of the student, and his school behavior. The most important of which is the method of parenting and the interaction between parents and children. 

Dr. Abdel Hadi concluded that the educational process also involves not only the educational institution but also the family and society. Cooperation with all these parties would yield the best result and could only be achieved if the home and the educational institution are working together.