Within the framework of Al Falah University's initiatives for the Year of Zayed, the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a lecture yesterday entitled "Zayed's Environmental Heritage" presented by the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment. Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AFU President, faculty members, and students were in attendance. At the beginning of the lecture, the Foundation presented a quick overview of Zayed's legacy in the field of environment, starting from a belief in the necessity of uniting development and environmental preservation. "The UAE is reaping the fruits of the late Sheikh Zayed’s insight into the Conservancy of the environment which has made the country a unique global model in environment preservation and sustaining natural resources," said Dr. Meshgan Al Awar, Secretary General of the Zayed International Prize for the Environment. Prof. Belarbi stated that the initiative enhances the sustainability of the development of man and nature. This is what the late Sheikh Zayed has built to transform the UAE of today, a prominent leader in protecting the global environment.