Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, Al Falah University’s Chancellor met with Muna Bu-Samra, Al Bayan Newspaper’s Editor in Chief to discuss AFU’s aim of improving and developing the university’s educational outputs. Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AFU President, and Taleb Shaheen, Editor Manager of Local Affairs also attended the meeting.

Ms. Bu-Samra welcomed the delegation and raised the need to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with leading educational institutions in the UAE and to contribute with the transformation taking place in the Emirate in terms of rapid growth not only in the education sector but also in information and technology. She also added the necessity of training capable media professionals to further develop UAE’s media sector.

Dr. Atatreh, on the other hand, stated that it is one of AFU’s goals to form a strong partnership with media organizations in UAE particularly with Al Bayan Newspaper as a major media station in Dubai to assist students from College of Mass Communication in applying theoretical knowledge to practical application.

Towards the end of the meeting, Dr. Atatreh presented the university’s shied and logo to Ms. Muna Bu-Samra in honor of the efforts made to serve the Emirate of Dubai and its media sector.