Organized by Dubai Municipality nine years ago, the initiative Car Free Day in Dubai transpired yesterday, 4th February 2018 to an inspiring success with the participation of numerous government departments and private sectors. Al Falah University was keen to do its part in reducing carbon emissions and supporting the government’s effort to build a sustainable and green future. Faculty members, administrative staff, and students opted to use public transport instead of personal vehicles to reach the campus yesterday. Dr. Islam Faisal Bourini, Assistant Professor in College of Business Administration joined the activities held in front of the Dubai Municipality building. He stated that AFU seeks to educate its students in various ways to preserve the environment through various human and environmental courses. He also said that participating in such events will further raise awareness as the students’ theoretical knowledge is supported by practical application. Al Falah University supports UAE’s Vision 2021 to have “A nurturing and sustainable environment for quality living” embodied by this Car Free Day initiative of the Dubai Municipality.