Al Falah University concluded its 2nd International Conference “TASK 2018” at Rose Ryhanaa Hotel by Rotana, Dubai, UAE. The conference organized by the University is titled “Towards Advanced Scientific Knowledge”.

The conference was attended by more than 100 researchers and speakers from universities from the Gulf and Arab region as well as foreign countries. In this three-day event, 77 scientific research papers in three main areas, including business administration, business and media, and business and law were discussed.

On the first day of the conference, Al Falah University’s Chancellor, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, welcomed the participants and keynote speakers: Prof. Elias Boukrami, Head of the Masters Program in Finance at Regents University London, and Professor Bruno S. Sergi, Associate at Harvard University Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, in addition to the Director of Government Communications at the Securities and Commodities Authority, Mr. Mohammed Al Matrooshi.

In his speech, Dr. Atatreh stressed the importance of organizing such conferences and workshops that stimulate scientific knowledge and produce valuable research. This will in turn develop the scientific expertise among faculty members through the exchange of ideas in administrative sciences based on their research interests. Resultantly, such exchange of ideas will promote educational outcomes both within the Al Falah University and the wider Higher Education institutions in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Atatreh also emphasized the need for faculty members and researchers to graduate students who are able to work strongly in the field of media, law, and business administration through teaching useful curricula that integrate theoretical and practical aspects.

The President of Al Falah University, Dr. Abdelhafid Belarbi, stressed that the University is always keen to combine theoretical and practical knowledge and follow up the latest studies and scientific researches of high value in order to produce a generation aware of the challenges of the local and international labor market.

The Chairman of the Conference, Professor Dr. Khalifa Jaber, Dean of College of Business Administration at Al-Falah University, said that the conference was supported by five scientific journals indexed by SCOPUS where participants can publish their papers presented during the conference. Dr. Khalifa added that the conference discussed various facets in the administrative sciences and related disciplines, including Accounting, Finance, Administration, Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Human Resources Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Business Ethics, E-Learning, Globalization of Education, Leadership, Logistics, Growth and Sustainable Economic Development, Globalization and International Trade, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Legal Studies, Communications and Media Studies, Social Media, Journalism and Cybercrime.

The organization of the conference is to support the scientific progress of research and the promotion of intellectual and scientific development in the country. The University seeks to focus on scientific research in order to achieve its vision of creating an advanced research culture as a fundamental pillar of growth development.