Al Falah University’s Deanship of Student Affairs organized a welcome meeting for new students enrolled in the second semester of the Academic Year 2018-2019. with the presence of Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi, AFU Presiden, College Deans, and faculty members joined

Dr. Samer Abdelhadi, Dean of Student Affairs in greeting the students. 
Prof. Abdelhafid Belarbi his happiness with the turnout of the new students and expressed AFU’s keenness to let the new students feel welcome and comfortable and that the academic and administrative staffs are ready to assist them in any manner.
The College Deans also stated valuable tips and instructions on how the new students could settle easily to the new campus. They also reminded the students to continue meeting with their academic advisors in addition to regularly communicating with the Deanship of Student Affairs to be informed of all services provided to the students.
The students were also informed that the Deanship of Student Affairs is fully committed to providing cultural, social, sports and artistic activities throughout the year and in collaboration with other departments.