In order to enhance cooperation and community interaction and within the opportunity of benefitting students on the scientific, educational, public and cultural level, the General Education Department organized an informative visit to a treatment plant as part of activities for students headed by Mr. Wadih Abboud, Lecturer, Ecosystem and Human Health.
The tour consisted of a detailed overview of the company, the nature of their work, noting that it is the first company of its kind in the Middle East, which recycles waste oils in collaboration with Dubai Municipality.
According to Mr. Abboud, the results of improper disposal of used oil contributes to the worldwide problem of environmental pollution such as disposals spilled into sewer pipes which flow to seas and other bodies of water thus poisoning sea creatures. Contaminated water also creates a suitable environment for the proliferation of disease-carrying rodents and pests.
Mr. Abboud also listed the benefits of recycling cooking oil like extracting the quantifiable amount of water to irrigate plants, composts and oils used to manufacture soaps.
Towards the end of the visit, the students were able to learn how to recycle and to maintain a sustainable green environment.