Women faculty members of Al Falah University organized a seminar yesterday in celebration of the International Women’s day moderated by Ms. Ghaida Rawashdeh, Head of General Education Department, Dr. Lamya Ruslan, Assistant Professor from College of Law and Ms. Maya Hawari, Instructor. The symposium addressed various topics from gratitude to women, values of happiness; premise that women remain a symbol of positivity, promoting positive spirit in the community and sharing of some success stories and accomplishments experienced by women in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Sameer Barghouthi, Vice President for Academic Affairs congratulated the women of Al Falah University stressing that the whole community is proud of women in all their roles as students, mothers and employees and their capabilities to prove their selves, assert what is right and exceed expectations. Prof. Nasr Abbas, Director of Student Affairs Unit awarded certificates of appreciation to female members of AFU community.