Within the framework of strengthening external relationships with institutions and government agencies in the state, Dr. Sameer Barghouthi, Vice President for Academic Affairs headed a delegation and visits the UAE club to discuss possible collaboration between parties and to strengthen partnership in areas of scientific research.
Dr. Essa Bastaki, Chairman of Emirates Scientific Club welcomed Dr. Barghouthi with Dr. Khalid Heneidi, Dean of the College of Mass Communication, Prof. Khalifa Jaber, Dean of the College of Business Administration and Prof. Nasr Abbas, Student Affairs Unit Director.
The meeting focused on configuring fruitful scientific partnership for the transfer of expertise and exchange of knowledge between the two parties in addition to seminars, workshops and trainings that contribute to the educational development in the United Arab Emirates.
Dr. Bastaki reviews the significant role of Emirates Scientific Club in encouraging scientific studies and pointing out that the state of the educational process is a continuous evolution.
On the other hand, Dr. Barghouthi laid out a detailed overview of Al Falah University and plans for the university’s development and progress. He also discussed AFU’s role in the community.
Just before the end of the meeting, the two parties stressed the need to consolidate the relations between them, an effective step in upgrading the level of education in the United Arab Emirates.