Al Falah University greatly believes in engagement of community both internally as well as externally. To set foot in the newly started Spring semester for the academic year 2016-17 the College of Mass Communication in collaboration with Students Affairs Unit organized an open-forum meeting for students, under the title of "Youth Empowerment", to identify the co-curricular needs of students in addition to the academic requirements. The University has the objective of always motivating its students and encouraging them to excel in their personal, academic as well as professional lives. The meeting witnessed extensive discussions where students put forward their ideas and opinions for the university to adapt. It was promised that the University will provide educational and academic environment appropriate for students to contribute to the development of educational and scientific role within the University and participate in the U.A.E. initiatives aimed at creating modern and advanced teaching methods to create a generation capable of facing future challenges. The meeting was headed by the Dean of College of Mass Communication, Dr. Khaled Heneidi and the faculty members in the College. Students discussed their views and their vision and perceptions to develop positive academic performance in the College.