The College of Business Administration at Al Falah University in cooperation with the Conferences, Seminars and Scientific Research Committee organized a workshop on Business Data Analysis: A Crossroad between Business & Society in which 15 papers were presented dealing with data on scientific problems of interest to the community analysis.
Several research papers by COBA and GED faculty members were presented. To name a few, papers by Dr. Islam Borini, Dr. Ijaz Rehman, Dr. Mohammad Khan, Dr. Panagiotis Kokkalis and Ms. Aysha Ehsan.
Prof. Amjad Nasser, Chairman of Conferences, Seminars and Scientific Research Committee opened the workshop and welcomed all faculty member participants of as the Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Sameer Barghouthi delivered a speech and congratulated the faculty members in their commitment and effort to research work.
Dr. Barghouthi also spoke of future plans for the University to progress through the instigation of quality and relative research work by all faculty members.
Moreover, Al Falah University will host a international conference Toward Advanced Scientific Knowledge (TASK-2017) in Business; 3-4th May 2017 to provide opportunities for researchers from different disciplines and related sciences
to discuss their research and exchange of ideas. AFU seeks to organize a number of scientific conferences and specialized workshops in the future.