Group Picture students in Al Falah UniversityThe aim of such innovative activities is to give the opportunity to student to focus their creative energies in the right direction and also to create a favorable environment conducive to refine the talents of students of the College of Mass Communication. Through training and participation in the process of projects, in addition to finding opportunities to motivate students and encourage competition for excellence through encouragement and care the College is making a mark in the field of Mass Communication.

The festival included a variety of events and activities in the fields of journalism, arts, tourism, radio and television production and multimedia.

At the end of the festival the Dean of the College of Mass Communication, Dr. Khalid Henedi and Ms. Hanan Mohammed, Instructor of Multimedia course, distributed awards to the students for participating and displaying their creative endeavors.

Students of the College of Mass Communication at Al Falah University organized the first festival activity for the Multimedia course on May 9, 2016. On that occasion all the productions carried out by the students throughout the semester of Spring 2015-16 were displayed.