The College of Law at Al Falah University visited Dubai Judicial Institute on Thursday, April 21, 2016. This pragmatic effort made by the College is to enrich and deepen the legal knowledge of the students so as to identify the personal status and laws of the UAE as well as the problems of family community and ways to address them legally.

The student delegation led by Dr. Lamia Raslan, Lecturer at the College of Law at Al Falah University, was received by Mr. Mohamed Al Yafei, Legal scholar and professor and Dr. Mohammed Alazavina, Lecturer at the Dubai Judicial Institute.

In this educational visit the students were provided a detailed explanation of the evolution of the UAE judiciary. They were told the history of the Institute, which is a pioneer in bringing about a qualitative and quantitative leap in the field of judicial training at the state level, in addition to the rehabilitation of a group of professionals to carry out an active role in the development of the legal and legislative system. It also keeps pace with the cultural revival in the United Arab Emirates. Prof. Dr. Alazavina delivered a short lecture on the personal status laws in the UAE.

He later answered the questions from students and in the end Dr. Lamia pointed out the importance of the visit, stressing the need for cooperation between Al Falah University and the Dubai Judicial Institute as a regional center for legal excellence and Justice.