The College of Law at Al Falah University organized an academic visit for its students to Dubai Courts. The visit was intended to inform students of the nature of the Court's practices with various issues on daily basis. Such activities are pursued by the university as an essential practice in the course curriculum. 

The group of students headed by Dr. Mohammad Manasir, the faculty member of College of Law was received by the President of first instance court & Real estate, Ahmed Ali Dhanhani. Students attended various sessions on different issues in Dubai Court to acquaint themselves of the courtrooms and their facilities.

Later, Judge Ahmed Dhanhani spoke briefly about the court and its history and methods of litigation in the courts of Dubai. He informed the types of issues Dubai courts are specialized in varying from personal status, penal, real estate, labor, business, and civil.

At the end of the lecture the floor was opened for discussion. Our students asked questions relating to the opportunities available to them in the Dubai Courts either for training or work immediately upon completion of undergraduate degree. The President offered that the Dubai Courts are always ready to embrace new graduates and support them in all their endeavors.