Within the framework of community engagement, Al Falah University held a lecture for teachers of charitable Private Schools in Dubai, on Saturday, May 21, 2016, in collaboration with Student Recruitment Unit. The lecture was titled "Student Behavior Management towards Reducing Behavioral Problems" delivered by Dr. Samer Abdulhadi, Assistant Professor Psychology in the College Mass Communication.

The lecture was attended by Director General of charitable Civil Schools, Dr. Kamal Mohammed Farhat, in addition to the Assistant Director General Dr. Mohammed Suleiman Shaath along with a number of teachers from the schools.

During the lecture Dr. Samer Abdulhadi highlighting the self, explaining the importance of the discovery of the positive qualities possessed by each individual. According to Dr. Abdulhadi humans possess six basic emotions; sadness, fear, shame, anger, surprise and joy. An active discussion of all these emotions led to a number of distinctive ideas that can contribute to the success of the educational process in schools in order to analyze situations and take advantage of them.

At the end of the activity feedback was gathered to be included in the academic plan during the coming quarters. This will be in connection with the provision of an educational system and an environment suitable for progress. The survey included a number of proposed disciplines such as; Applied Psychology, Applied Sociology, Arab and Islamic Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy, Science, Informatics Business Management, Information Technology, Networks And Information Security, Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources, in addition to the Master of Business Administration – finance and MBA Health Management.