In pursuance of “Professional Development” Al Falah University management arranged another workshop to further educate the members with Risk Management in Education Industry.

The workshop was headed by our esteemed Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Sameer Barghouhi in the presence of all the academic and administrative leaders and the faculty members.

Beginning from the infrastructural hazards involving natural calamities all the areas that could pose risk for the students and the university were discussed and possible remedies were debated upon. AFU has extraordinary arrangements to deal with natural threats with an up-to-date fire extinguishing system and clear and accessible exits, in case of emergency. The University has specially considered the disabled students and all their lectures are arranged on the ground floor to avoid inconvenience.

AFU has a remarkable IT system which is helpful in the academic as well as administrative walks. Considering the risk management prospect all the IT data of the university is backed up every 24 hours. AFU acquires the IT services from ATS which is a reliable company in the market.   

AFU has a vibrant and professional Marketing and Students Recruitment team. They have visited a number of schools and attracted many prospective students.  Such development activities encourage the teams and lead to advanced planning and executions.

This workshop provided an opportunity for the attendees to participate in the debate and offer ideas and suggestions that can help reduce the risk and lead to the continuation of the educational process within the university.