The Unit for Student Affairs at Al Falah University in coordination with the Deans and Department Heads held  a seminar to analyze the achievements and shortcomings of Al Falah team  in the very first semester after the founding of the University. The seminar was graced by Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, member of board of trustees and Dr. Samir Barghouthi, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

This special forum was attended by all the academic and administrative members. The seminar involved vigorous discussion of the various strengths that support Al Falah University in competing with all the universities. A healthy discussion does not shy away from highlighting weaknesses and that is what the Al Falah team practices. The academic and administrative weaknesses of the university were discussed and productive suggestions were forwarded to overcome the issues. This was an opportunity designed to seize opportunities to improve the academic and administrative performance at the university, which is in the interest of our students and will make our university unique in the local and international market.

Dr. Noureddine Atatreh commended the seminar and stressed the importance of these seminars to generate and share creative ideas between all members of the faculty and administration to improve the performance of the institution.

The Director of Students Affairs Ms. Ghada Waleed extended valuable suggestions of a collaborative practice adopted by all the members. The university academic and infrastructural extension plans were introduced to the members and their feedback was greatly appreciated.

This seminar has proved to be a productive step towards development and all the attendees stressed the need to hold such meetings regularly to exchange ideas that contribute to the advancement of the University at the local, regional and international level.