Manal El-Shafei, a College of Law student at Al Falah University, participated in the Community Health and First Aid Course for the Volunteers and UAE Red Crescent Authority Staff in Dubai. The course lasted for five days from Sunday, 21st August until Thursday, 25 th August 2016. During the session, Manal El-Shafei also gave a lecture regarding several legal topics such as "The Definition of International Humanitarian Law", "The Geneva Convention", and "The Protection of Children and Women in International Humanitarian Law". According to al Shafei, International Law aims to limit the use of force in the resolution of armed conflicts and to provide protection for individuals who are non-participants in the war; civilians. She also reiterated the set of special rules of the Geneva Convention which provides for the protection of victims of armed conflicts and the banning of targeting civilians or non-military targets. At the end of the lecture, a discussion of points about the International Humanitarian Law on the Protection of Women and Children and various risks that surround them during armed conflicts and wars were deliberated.