In view of environmental awareness among community members, Al Falah University organized an informative lecture in collaboration of College of Law on Tuesday, 24 May 2016, on "Environmental Protection In Light Of Federal Law", presented by the faculty member of the hosting College, Dr Muhammad Manasir.

Dr. Manasir highlighted the risk that the society is facing, particularly with the development and progress of scientific and technological inventions, which lead to the pollution of the environment particularly, on land, sea and air.  He noted that the environment houses all the creatures which require basic elements of the natural positive environment but, pollution, which is caused by the introduction of human activities, contaminates the natural environment.

He then mentioned the various efforts being done by UAE Government to improve awareness among members of society by creating FEA in 1993. This later became the Ministry of Environment and Water, in addition to the establishment of a number of bodies and associations concerned with environmental protection.

At the end of the lecture, Dr Mohammed Manasir answered questions raised by the participating attendees.