Al Falah University organized a lecture on Wednesday, 13/04/2016 on "Skills and Arts to Communicate with Students” arranged by Dr. Khalid Al Haneidi, Dean of the School of Mass Communication. The lecture benefitted the faculty members, administrative staff and university students.

Dr. Haneidi explained the concept of communication as the communication process is a dynamic process in which the sender affects the future, ideas and information. He highlighted the key elements in the process of communication, which consists of six elements, namely the sender, the recipient, the message, the means, feedback and confusion. He then pronounced the stages of communication necessary for the success of the process and the factors affecting communication.

Lastly Dr. Khalid Henaidi focused on modern technological developments such as satellite and internet revolution that have led to the removal of barriers in the communication process. 

At the end the floor was opened for discussion and questions and queries raised by the participants.