In an effort to engage the AFU family with the community and to bring the practical section of education to life, the Department of General Education organized an informative lecture on “Recycling and Reuse of Cooking Oil”. The lecture was delivered by a representative of the company Blue Inc., Ms. Matilde Allard. Blue Inc. is a subsidiary of Al Serkal group of companies focusing on the corporate social responsibilities of the company. Ms. Allard gave a lecture on the management and recycling of waste resulting from the cooking oil used in restaurants, hotels and food processing companies in Dubai. She gave a detailed overview of the company and the nature of their work, noting that it is the first company of its kind in the Middle East which recycles waste oils in collaboration with Dubai Municipality. According to Ms. Allard the environmental pollution resulting by the discharge of oils used improperly, such as the disposal through spilled into the sewer pipe, leads to the contamination of seas and rivers, and groundwater further creates a suitable atmosphere for the proliferation of insects and rodents. Ms. Allard showed advantages of recycling of cooking oils such as a large amount of water is produced that is used to irrigate plants in addition to the extracted oils are used in the manufacture of soaps. Blue Inc., currently are extracting 40 million gallons of water a year, in collaboration with 8,000 different institutions in effort to contribute to the preservation of a green environment initiative.