The rating of Webometrics for January 2016 has been issued and we are proud to announce that Al Falah University has been awarded the 14th position among all the universities of UAE. It should be well noted that Al Falah University has achieved this status in less than six months of its founding. It started enrolling students from July 2015 in its three distinguished Colleges; College of Law, College of Mass Communication and College of Business Administration.

Webometrics is a Spanish web-rating indicator that evaluates any university’s website on four basic criteria; University web coverage of its activities, the extent of the presence of its website on Worldwide Web (www), the extent of the impact of the university on the surroundings through its website and the extent of dissemination of global research on its own in addition to the quality of the research published.

Following the criteria the three top university websites in UAE are UAE University, American University of Sharjah and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.

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