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Al Falah University in the Newspapers

Al Falah University in the Newspapers

Al Falah University aims to be one of the leading Universities in the United Arab Emirates through the learning outcomes of the students. Out of its’ vision to impart knowledge to the general community, the University invites local newspapers and media to ensure coverage of all events, training workshops and scientific conferences happening at the University. 


Furthermore, Al Falah University is willing to engage with all local newspapers published within the Emirates since it also strives to be continuously abreast of scientific events, and educational news to derive the needs and requirements of the labor market.


Al Falah University endeavors to create a bridge of communication with the surrounding community through the means of all the local newspapers, most notably Gulf News and UAE today. Not to mention other methods of modern communication such as different platforms of social media and other channels that are tools in disseminating knowledge. 




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Training Session: "How to Start your Company?"
30 Sep 2019
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