In the context of service to the community the College of Mass Communication at the Al Falah University organized an awareness lecture on “Cyber Crimes” in cooperation with Dubai Police on Monday, February 29, 2016. The lecture was delivered by Capt. Dr. Saud al-Khalidi where he addressed a number of important points about cybercrimes and cyber security issues. He sketched a definition of cybercrimes as "any act by someone using modern equipment and Internet networks, to blackmail and threaten others"

Dr. Khalidi also differentiated between blackmail and threat as well as between traditional crime and cybercrime. Cybercrime is easy to implement and has a wide geographical reach beyond national borders as it does not require physical effort for its implementation.

Captain Saud al-Khalidi narrated some true incidents and informed how Dubai Police has made practical efforts to curb this menace and raise the level of security awareness. Dr. Khalidi entertained all the questions and queries from the inquisitive students of the University related to electronic crimes, and how to communicate with the Dubai Police to report such crimes.

In conclusion, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Samir Barghouthi presented a certificate of appreciation and honorary shield to Captain Dr. Saud Al-Khalidi to honor the Dubai Police Force for their efforts and in educating the UAE community about electronic crimes.