Al Falah University held a lecture in the presence of the academic staff and the students on "Media and the Challenges of the Times" by Dr. Alia Mahmoud. Manager Office “Al Fajr Newspaper” in Dubai and North Emirates. Dr. Alia began the lecture by explaining the impact of print media on the readers. He pointed out that the traditional newspaper was significant for the reader because of its direct relation with time. With the advent of modern media a major challenge has been created for the print media in view of the tremendous developments in electronic media at the moment.

Dr. Mahmoud Alia compared the printed media content with the electronic media in terms of capacity and speed of delivery, in addition to its ability to reach different segments of society in record time.

And Dr. Mahmoud Alia quoted His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, when he talked about the need to explore great developments of the modern media for the sake of development, where he said "new media and the means to development are a means to extract new ideas."

At the end of the lecture, questions and inquiries focused on the future that awaits the print media, traditional media, and how to raise it to continue along with the new media were addressed.