The College of Law in Al Falah University believes in the need for continuous communication with all legal actors.

In this pursuit,through the valuable efforts by the College, Al Falah University has signed a joint agreement with Ibrahim Al Hosni Law Firm and Consultancy. The agreement was signed on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 in the presence of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Sameer AlBarghouthi and Dean of College of Law, Dr. Mohammed Desouki, from Al Falah University and  Chancellor Ibrahim Al Hosni , owner and the Director General Ibrahim Al Hosni Law Firm.

The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Mohammed Al Manaseer and Dr. Lamia Ruslan, faculty members of College of Law along with Mr. Malek Abu Ageel, Head of Media Unit AFU, in addition to Mr. Sameh Abdallah Rajab, Legal Adviser to the Office of Ibrahim Al Hosni Law Firm and Ms. Rasha Mohamed Head of Media Unit.

This agreement aims to achieve the common goals of both the parties of spreading legal awareness and importance of correct legal knowledge among all segments of society in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Falah University is seeking to establish a stronger relationship with the United Arab Emirates through these agreements with all institutions, whether government or private. By such measures AFU will contribute to the progress of the educational process of the university as well as spread awareness among the community.