Al Falah University has hit the road to provide in-depth consultation to teachers in adopting teaching ways that support the understanding of students. For that purpose of community engagement, an addition to the series of lectures was done in National Charity School. The lecture was conducted by Dr. Samer Abdul Hadi, Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Faculty of Mass Communications in collaboration with Student Recruitment Unit of AFU on 28 November 2016 on "Managing student behavior to reduce behavioral problems".

This lecture was attended by the Director-General of National Charity Schools, Dr Kamal Mohammed Ullah, Assistant Director General, Dr Mohamed Suleiman and the teachers. In his lecture Dr. Samer highlighted the importance of discovering positive qualities possessed by every individual. He further explained that evaluation is the most important tool in this quest and it must be used wisely.

At the end of the lecture, the Director General of National Charity Schools, Dr Kamal Farahat thanked Dr Samer Abdul Hadi and Mr. Kais for their valuable efforts.