Al Falah University has organized it first Orientation day for all new students who will be starting their Fall Semester on 13th September 2015 

Dr. Sameer Al Barghouthi – Vice President of Academic Affairs welcomed all students and asked the audience to observe a minute of mourning for the souls of the United Arab Emirates martyrs. 

Dr. Barghouti pointed out that the birth of Al Falah University came to meet the aspirations of the wise leadership of the UAE, and stressed on the importance to recognize how their interest in higher education and upgrading the UAE Society have advanced the United Arab Emirates levels of development and prosperity. 

He added that the university is seeking to be one of the leading universities in terms of academic and knowledge with its academic and administrative capabilities and expertise. 

Then, Dr. Al Barghouthi referred to the various Undergraduate and Graduate programs in the faculties of the university which is characterized by its programs for many of the colleges that teach the same programs, and its strengths in preparing a qualified graduate for the job market for the magnitude of the real and practical competent to compete with many international universities locally and internationally.