Al Falah University has set its foundation and started its academic year as anticipated. Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, member of board of trustees, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh and the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Sameer Al Barghouthi welcomed the academic leadership and all the faculty members on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. He wished them luck in their future endeavors and showed appreciation to their dedication. 

On this occasion, Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, member of board of trustees assured the members that the University is designed to provide a forum for its students and the respected faculty members for development and success. He outlined the mission of Al Falah University that focuses on exceptional teaching, scientific research and community engagement. All the faculty members will be provided with every resource to achieve this goal and together they will take the University to the pinnacle of success. He stressed the keenness of the university to attract outstanding academic elements in the major areas of study offered at the university. He recognized the efforts made ​​by the university administration in order to provide the best educational possibilities to achieve an educational directorate in accordance with the Accreditation Commission standards. He anticipated that our aim is to make the university unique and distinct with a leading position among the universities of the United Arab Emirates.

He majorly stressed on professionalism and identified that the success of the university and the achievements of the students will be reflected through the activities of the faculty members. The faculty members are expected to arrange their office hours in such a way that all their time in the university add up to their professional development through research, conferences and adequate student-teacher interaction.

Al Falah University is established to lead the education industry of UAE and this will be achieved through the indefatigable efforts of all its respected members.