“Without challenges, success and excellence won’t exist, especially when such a success is meant for the homeland and its fruit is harvested by the citizens. Without challenges, we won’t feel the taste of success and happiness we wish for our people in this dear land.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom 


Following the golden quotes of the great leader the UAE has progressed leaps and bounds for 44 years. Al Falah University takes pride in initiating a celebration to commemorate the 44th National Day along with the Martyr’s Day on 23rd November 2015. At Al Falah University the Department of Students Affairs under the leadership of Ms. Ghada Waleed along with all the Administrative and Academic staff organized an open-day with a series of events paying tribute to the nation and its beloved martyrs. The event was organized by the external cooperation of Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Awqaf & Minors Affairs Foundation, Al Bayan Newspapers, Al Khleej Newspaper, Al Ittehad Newspaper, Al Emarat, Santosa Wedding Services, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Al Arabia Airlines, Yas Bouquet, Salma Al Ansari School for Girls and Heritage Village of Dubai.

In the presence of prominent personalities from Military and Government sectors the occasion was graced by Dr. Noor Aldeen Atatreh, member of board of trustees and Dr. Samir Barghouthi, Vice President for Academic Affairs. A full day event was divided in two phases. The morning celebration paid honour beginning with a standing tribute to the UAE National Anthem. Dr. Noureddin Atatreh delivered his heartiest appreciations and blessings for UAE and promised that our University would stand in the forefront in every effort for the development and success of UAE. This was followed by various performances remembering the sacrifices and struggles of the ancestors. In conclusion of the morning presentation two students of our University took the oath of their loyalty and patriotism toward UAE.    

The entourage of our respected guests was then given a tour of the presentation setup on the courtyard of the University campus by our sponsors. The traditional heritage of UAE was depicted through the entire presentation and it was highly appreciated by our guests and the students. Traditional Emirati food and cultural dresses and spices were offered to everyone. The Emirati majlis became the centre of attention and was the students’ favourite.

In the evening phase of the event arrangements were made in the courtyard. Our student Shama Hamdan joined all her friends. In this phase of the event we had two highlights. The world renowned actor Mr. Muhammad Haneidi graced the occasion and socialized with our students. And second attraction became a professional police dogs presentation. This was the courtesy of Dubai Police where highly professional Officers instructed the trained police dogs to present their skills. This was followed by various interactive activities and our students won prizes where the grand prize was a return ticket sponsored by Air Arabia.

The occasion was a great success. On the closing, Dr. Sameer Barghouthi thanked all the students and participants for making the event a memorable occasion and expressed hope that our struggle for perfection will continue indefatigably.