On Wednesday, December 16th, 2015, the INJAZ / UAE Professional Skills Development Program completed its delivery of course to the students enrolled in the English Language Center (ELC) at Al Falah University.

The “Steer your Career” module covered the art of leading people in a transparent and authentic manner.  It outlined the importance of vision, self-awareness, relational transparency, and the ability to read the environment. This included aspects of motivation, time management and a leader’s emotional intelligence.

Senior members of the Supply Chain Management company “UPS - Middle East” along with the INJAZ/UAE Team presented a Certificate of Completion to each of the students.

AFU sincerely appreciates their time and efforts to help “Steer the Career” of our students.

The AFU - ELC is looking forward to presenting more seminars in the future to help our students become the most sought after college graduates in Dubai.