Purpose of the Media club

AFU Students Media Club is to promote the University’s image locally and internationally via different use of media channels. Students are the main body of the club and they will contribute stories, phots, videos and articles about Al Falah University which covers; events, celebrations, and different activities.

Students Media Club is an approved club by the university and part of its duties is to cover all types of on campus and outside activities and events.

Mission Statement

Students Media Club provides students with the opportunity to express and develop their ideas and talent through media technology and communication

AFU Students Media Club will be led by individuals who represent students in general from all AFU colleges and will perform their duties with challenge and great skills with spirit of responsibility and great leadership skills to accomplish approved tasks and activities. AFU Students Media Club will combine several skills and ideas to end up with a creative product. Any student who is creative and willing to learn is welcomed to join and become a member of this ever growing group. Media Club is the place for creativity and “Sky is the limit” 

Media Club goals

  • Promote the image of Al Falah University
  • Develop students talents in all related media tools and channels of distribution
  • Develop students appreciation  for campus experience and gained knowledge 


  • Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Foundation – Bel Alrabi
  • Dubai Shopping Festival Coverage
  • Global Village Reportage
  • Short Films (Documentary and Others)
  • AFU planned events
  • UAE Selected Event
  • Dubai selected Events