Information Technology Center (ITC) aims to build an advanced, secured and productive IT infrastructure for AFU Community. ITC uses its extensive educational I.T. experience to deliver tangible solutions to enable our students to benefit from the advanced use of technology.


Information Technology Center is committed to offering its community members access to state-of-the-art computer services to support educational, administrative and research activities.


Goals & Objectives

  • To provide IT infrastructure and learning facilities for students
  • To provide easy to use secured infrastructure to administrative and academic staff
  • To ensure IT infrastructure could support development to new and superior technologies
  • To provide greater use of service level standards
  • To achieve total cost of ownership approach in acquiring, designing or building systems/applications
  • To implement industry standard guidelines, best practices and IT audit processes


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Supporting the University's strategic priorities
  • Simplifying the accessibility of technology for the students
  • Enabling an easier way to manage the entire student lifecycle: from attraction, recruitment, enrollment, and retention to alumni development
  • Delivering innovative, adaptive and personalized learning management system and technologies
  • Implementing an integrated Decision Support System
  • Being accessible 24/7
  • Providing academic and administrative staff access to technological tools anytime/anywhere


Community Engagement
The Information Technology Center realizes it is a vital part of a bigger community. The Center constantly attempts to organize and plan activities to engage with the community. These plans include:  

  • Accepting interns from other institutions and providing them with training
  • Orienting students about AFU’s Policy of internet browsing and LMS systems
  • Offering training courses and workshops to AFU Admin and Academic Staff for professional development