a. The short-term planning goals of AFU are to:

 The short-term planning goals of AFU are to:

  • Promote the acquisition of students’ knowledge and the development of the multi-disciplinary skills.
  • Emphasize and continually improve the teaching quality and support appropriate faculty development resources to achieve local and international recognition.
  • Graduate students equipped with free thinking, logical reasoning, cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the global market.
  • Appreciate the quality of education and promote an atmosphere of applied skills and creativity support through the appropriate allocation of resources.
  • Provide the appropriate library resources and information technology services in support of teaching and public service.
  • Assist students in achieving educational, career, and personal goals by providing comprehensive development services and programs that assist students.
  • Establish and maintain business collaboration and partnerships preserving local cultural and ethical values of the UAE and GCC to better serve the educational needs of the geographic region.
  • Demonstrate the accomplishment of the mission of the University and continuous improvement in its educational programs and services.

b.Long Term Planning Goals:

I. To foster excellence in education through international collaborations in teaching methodology and blended learning. This goal will be achieved by:

  • Provide a learning environment for free thinking, logical reasoning, cross disciplinary knowledge for students and faculty members
  • Provide highest quality education (knowledge and skills) by promoting an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge while preserving academic freedom and integrity
  • Promote multi-disciplinary skills of the students through cross-disciplinary programs and courses
  • To ensure that the infrastructure of the University is utilized efficiently for blended learning
  • To develop and maintain innovative approaches to learning.

II. To establish center of Research and Professional Development through joint research collaborations and interdisciplinary research. This goal will be achieved by:

  • Provide the research infrastructure and budgets to initiate and develop scholarly activities
  • Develop the Excellence of Scientific Research and Professional Development through collaborative industrial partnerships, external grants and alumni sponsorships
  • Promote interdisciplinary research through innovative multi-disciplinary programs meeting the research needs of the UAE community and GCC community
  • Maintain comprehensive self-development and professional programs for professional growth and development of faculty and staff at AFU

III. To develop comprehensive and holistic student development through applied learning and practical experiences contributing to employer needs of the community. This goal will be achieved by:

  • To promote and maintain an educational system that is continuously adaptive to the ever changing socio-economic, technical, scientific, cultural and development needs of the UAE and the GCC region.
  • To provide Academic programs based on local, regional, and international employment needs for students seeking immediate employment upon graduation.
  • To expand the physical and extracurricular activities for students to engage in effective collaboration and lifelong learning
  • To develop community service programs that help to meet the recreational, cultural, educational, scientific and social needs of the area.