AFU English Placement Test

Students who do not have a satisfactory English language proficiency score must sit for AFU’s English Placement Test to determine their English language proficiency level. This test helps determine whether the student needs to take a preparatory non-credit English language course (English Remedial) or can register in undergraduate University General Education Program credit course as follows:

Students who

  1. score below 40 are required to take a preparatory course (English Remedial).
  2. score 40 or above are not required to a preparatory course (English Remedial) is not required.
  • Regardless of the AFU English Placement Test result, students in College of Business Administration and Mass Communication are not allowed into any college or specialization courses without first obtaining the satisfactory English language proficiency score. However, they are permitted to register only in the following General Education courses:
      • - UAE Society
      • - Computer Applications
      • - Communication Skills in Arabic
      • - Culture and Islamic Studies
      • - Ecosystems and Human Health
  • If a student fails the placement test, he/she is asked to take a noncredit Intensive Remedial English Course.
  • As for Law, if a student fails to obtain the required passing grade in the Placement Test, he/ she is then required to register for the noncredit Intensive Remedial English Course.

    All International English Tests are valid for only 2 years.