English Language Center


Additional wing under the Department of General Education is the English Language Center (ELC). This Center serves the students with any and all language related training courses and assessments.

ELC strives to offer comprehensive English language skill evaluation and training by providing the students with the particular language support needed. Such support and services include not only formal classroom teaching but with language computer labs as well as with special on-line learning program materials.

The Department of General Education believes that learning is not just about teaching and tests. It is committed to making education a fun and rewarding experience by planning extracurricular student activities and various community engagements.



English Language Center aims to serve the language needs of the AFU students who are in a transitional period as they begin a learning experience where the medium of instruction is English.


To be recognized as the leaders in English language learning by offering outstanding service integrated with modern technology.   


  1. Provide English Language instruction to enhance AFU students’ proficiency and enable those to attend college courses offered in English as the medium of instruction.
  2. Help in preparing students to sit for international standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS and obtain at least the minimum test scores required by the University and Ministry of Education (MOE).
  3. Offer language instruction to members of the wider Dubai community to help them acquire communicative skills in specific areas such as Academic English and Business English, etc.