English Language Center

The English Language Center (ELC) at Al Falah University exists to serve its students with any and all language related training courses and assessment tests.

The Centre strives to offer comprehensive English language skills evaluation and training by providing the students with the particular language support needed. Such support and services include not only formal classroom teaching but also language computer labs as well as special on-line learning programs and materials. ELC uses advanced English Training programs which have help students achieve the language training advancement by using innovative individualized language skills.


To become leaders in English Language learning process and achieve desired improvement by the dedication and innovation of ELC staff.


To serve the language needs of the AFU students by bridging the gap for those in a transitional period as they begin a new learning experience where the medium of instruction is English.   

Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide English Language instruction to enhance AFU students’ proficiency and enable those to attend college courses offered in English as the medium of instruction.
  2. Prepare students to sit for international standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS and obtain at least the minimum test scores required by the University and the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  3. Offer language instructions to members of the wider community to help them acquire communicative skills in specific areas such as Academic English and Business English, etc.

Skill Assessment Process

The English Language Center carries out a skill assessment process by having each student complete the 

standardized “Cambridge University - College English Placement Test”.

  • Depending upon these test results, particular training courses are then recommended for the student to consider.  The training courses include a wide range of remedial programs tailored to each student’s needs. The comprehensive assessment criteria is based on the student’s demonstrated English language skills in: 
  •  Fluency
  • Accuracy
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

This approach allows each student to move forward with their academic programs in their particular Colleges in the most expeditious manner.

ELC believes that learning the English language is not just about teaching and tests. It is committed to making English learning a fun and rewarding experience by planning extracurricular student activities and various community engagements.

The ELC staff is dedicated and is always ready to assist each student.

English Language Proficiency Policy

For programs taught in English language, students must earn a score range from (1100 – 1225) on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or another standardized, internationally recognized test that is approved by MOE. (refer to the table below)

For programs taught in Arabic language, except College of Law, students must earn a score range from (975 – 1075) on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or another standardized, internationally recognized test that is approved by MOE. (refer to the table below) 

Requirements for the College of Business Administration (Undergraduate):

  • EmSAT: Score Range (1100 – 1225)
  • TOEFL: Paper based - minimum score of 500
  • Computer based - minimum score of 173
  • IBT -minimum score of 61
  • IELTS: minimum score of 5.0

Requirements for the College of Mass Communication:

  • EmSAT: Score Range (950 - 1075)
  • TOEFL: Paper based - minimum score of 450
  • Computer based - minimum score of 193
  • iBT - minimum score of 52
  • IELTS: minimum scores of 4.5
  • All Undergraduate applicants must provide an approved English Language Test Score. They will not be exempted based on their citizenship or attendance of English medium secondary school.

Requirements for the College of Law:

  • English language proficiency is not required. 
  • AFU English Language Placement Test is required



PTE Academic

IESOL / SESOL City and Guilds





31- 35

A2/B1 Borderline

147 – 153


450 (139 CBT, 52 iBT)

950 – 1075

36- 41

B1/B2 Borderline

 (B1 First Class Pass)

154 – 161


 500 (173 CBT, 61 iBT)

1100 - 1225

42- 49

B2 Pass

162 – 168


530 (197 CBT , 71 iBT)

1250 -1375

50 – 57

B2 Pass

176 – 184


550 (213 CBT, 79-80 iBT)

1400- 1525


AFU English Placement Test  

Students who do not have a satisfactory English language proficiency score must sit for AFU’s English Placement Test to determine their English language proficiency level. This test helps determine whether the student needs to take a preparatory non-credit English language course (English Remedial) or can register in undergraduate University General Education Program credit course as follows:

Students who;

  1. Score below 40 are required to take a preparatory course (English Remedial).
  2. Score 40 or above are not required to take a preparatory course (English Remedial).
    • Regardless of the AFU English Placement Test result, students in College of Business Administration and College of Mass Communication are not allowed into any college or specialization courses without first obtaining the satisfactory English language proficiency score. However, they are permitted to register only in the following General Education courses:
      • -  UAE Society
      • -  Computer Applications
      • -  Communication Skills in Arabic
      • -  Culture and Islamic Studies
      • -  Ecosystems and Human Health
    • If a student fails the placement test, he/she is asked to take a noncredit Intensive Remedial English Course.
    • As for College of Law, if a student fails to obtain the required passing grade in the English Placement Test, he/she is then required to register for the noncredit Intensive Remedial English Course.
    • All International English Tests are valid for 2 years only.

Graduate Students

There are different language requirements for AFU graduate students as stipulated by the Ministry of Education (MOE).


MBA students are required to submit a valid English certificate: A score range from (1400 - 1525) on the English language portion of the EmSAT examination, or its equivalent, Academic IELTS with a minimum score of (6.0), a TOEFL (Paper based minimum of 550, computer based minimum of 213 or a IBT minimum score of 79) or any other internationally recognized equivalent test approved by the Ministry of Education. 


The English Language Center is responsible for academic advising in addition to offering the following courses:

  • English Level 1 – English Remedial
  • English Level 2 -  English for Developing Communication
  • English Level 3 – English for Academic Writing
  • Intensive English Courses

TOEFL and IELTS Intensive Test Preparation courses; these provide the test taking techniques and language training to prepare students to pass the examination.

ELC Community Engagement

In line with the AFU’s mission and commitment to the community, the English Language Center extends its services to the wider community. The target audiences in this respect include High School students, English language teachers and the public in general.

The ELCs’ Outreach program offers school students the following:

  • Orientation on the English language requirements for AFU admission.
  • Orientation on the various standardized tests and the differences among them.
  • Workshops on English language-related study skills.
  • Workshops on English language-related IELTS / TOFEL test taking skills.


The English Language Centre facilitates the Al Falah University in achieving the objectives of English language related MoUs the University signs.

  • Cooperation Agreement with British Council
    This contract was made with British Council, UAE for the provision of conducting IELTS tests for British Council on AFU campus. AFU facilitates in the execution of the services for conducting IELTS test by British Council.  
  • Cooperation Agreement with AMIDEAST Dubai
    Al Falah University has entered collaboration with American-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc (AMIDEAST Dubai), where AFU now has the eligibility to offer English language testing services of TOEFL ITP for all the students in UAE.
  • Cooperation Agreement with ICAM Dubai
    Al Falah University is in joint collaboration with The International Centre for Assessment and Management Services (ICAM Dubai) which is a Cambridge English Language Assessment Authorized Exam Centre in the UAE. In this partnership AFU has been approved as an authorized testing venue and an official exam preparation center.