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e-learning is a term applied to any form of learning which is electronically based. The requirements for a course delivered through e-learning are the same as those that apply to any credit-bearing course. Electronically delivered courses must have learning outcomes, a syllabus or outline of study, regular and systematic assessments, and an opportunity for students to interact with the faculty member teaching the course. The student-instructor and student-student interaction may be entirely electronically based, or it may include bringing students together physically from time to time. The latter is often referred to as a hybrid course or blended course, in that it combines electronic learning with traditional classroom learning.

Al Falah University (AFU) develops and implements an e-learning strategy that:

  1. identifies the role of e-learning in the institution’s short-term strategic plans, and its alignment with the educational mission.
  2. identifies responsibility for the oversight, development, evaluation, and support of the institution’s e-learning program.
  3. is developed with the participation of relevant stakeholders.
  4. is approved by the governing body.
  5. is reviewed by program leadership, informed by direct and indirect measures of performance that result in a process of continuous improvement.
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