Library Collection:

Acquisition & Removal

  • The Library acquisition and removal are delegated to the university Librarian and the VPAA, They meet four times a year and report to the VPAF regarding the need for purchases of books, periodicals and electronic resources and their allocation among faculty members. Final decisions for the purchase of all Library materials rest with the VPAA and the VPAF.
  • The Library preference is for electronic access to full-text journals, where available. New subscriptions to journals may be limited by budgetary constraints. They may be funded through the cancellation of existing subscriptions, with the proviso that all interested departments must be consulted before a subscription is terminated. Journals are now often acquired in multi-title packages and contractual arrangements with publishers can restrict the candidates available for cancellation at a particular time. Freely available Internet resources are selected by the Librarian. Suggestions for additional Internet sites should be made to the appropriate subject Librarians.