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AFU Scouts Team

Student Affairs announces the opening of registration for Al Falah University Scouts Team. By joining the team, students can participate in the scouts’ team first meeting under the slogan:

"Rangers Innovate to Better Serve the Society"


Date: 28th - 31st of March, 2021
To Register:

Please contact Student Affairs:

Landline: 042338025

Whatsapp: 0554153815


About Scouts Team:

A scouting team is a volunteer team, representing a set of noble values and fulfilling their duty towards the homeland. Members of the team seek to help all individuals in the society, working with a spirit of responsibility, honesty, good morals, and human sense.

Aiming to serve the community and lead a positive practical life, the scouting team at Al Falah University aims to prepare the young generation by equipping them with eclectic physical and thinking skills, in addition to reshaping their personalities to have a sense of responsibility and determination.

In an organized manner, scouting teams also work according to a deliberate plan reinforced by ethical and religious values that include loyalty and belonging to the homeland and pride in Arabic identity. The scouting team encourages an active, healthy lifestyle in order to be active members of their society.

Scouting Team Goals:
  • Bringing out best personal traits in scouting team members to become influential role models in society.
  • promoting independence and great team spirit.
  • Reinforcing feelings of belongings and pride to the homeland.
  • Cultivating talents and enhancing professional and practical abilities and skills.
  • Encouraging acquaintance, forming friendships, and strengthening brotherhood among youth.
  • Promoting effective time management and great use of free time in a way that benefits him/her and his/her community.
How to participate in the Al Falah University scouts team

In order for students to participate in scouting teams, he/she must be a registered student at Al Falah University. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Fill out the registration form at Student Affairs
  2. Contact the Student Affairs by calling 042338025 or through WhatsApp number 0554153815 during working hours. (Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm). Additionally, you can contact them through email
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