Our University's current academic programs in the College of Business Administration, the College of Law, the College of Mass Communication, and the College of Arts and Humanities.

Announcement of New College at Al Falah University: The College of Arts and Humanities

AlFalah University Overview

Programs have been selected based on established demand from students, the availability of exceptional faculty members with the ability to link theory with practice in their research-led teaching, and the needs of the nation's public and private sectors for graduates in these disciplines.

Al Falah University is located in the heart of the Emirate of Dubai, and is determined to become one of the nation's leading institutions of higher education. Our University offers a teaching and learning environment generated by a distinguished academic cadre, supported by best practice educational and communications technology, as well as library resources.

AFU’s exceptional faculty, active in producing scientific research, focus on linking the theoretical study with its applied application to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge to join the workforce and add value to their related fields.

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  • Al Falah University focuses on linking the theoretical study with its applied application to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to join the workforce and add value to their related fields.
  • Choosing Al Falah University will guide you from the beginning of your study journey to the end of your journey to experience a comprehensive, cohesive learning experience. Through it’s guidance plans, study plans and academic advisors for each program.
  • AFU periodically re-designs and assesses its academic programs, in accordance to MOE requirements, to match the current needs and trends in the market.
  • By studying in one of AFU’s colleges, you will be exposed to many extracurricular workshops and meetings that aim at inspiring students to refine personal characteristics to ultimately realize their full potential as individuals.
  • AFU understands the importance of teamwork and working in various conditions, thus, the university integrates, through its academic courses, interactive and team building exercises that build brainstorming and critical thinking skills.
  • AFU focuses on enriching the learning process with complementary, supportive learning resources (electronic and printed books) and tools that are up to date with changes in their related fields and are recognized by educational entities.
  • AFU reinforces applied knowledge with providing students the necessary, technological infrastructure ranging from lab laboratories to studios.


  • Through a rigid selection process, AFU hires faculty who are PHD holders from renowned, international universities.
  • AFU focuses on diversity when hiring faculty members to expose its students to multi-disciplinary approach in teaching and learning.


Students Testimonials

When I joined Al Falah University my goal was to get a degree in law and to be able to practice it. Law is what regulates our daily lives and our rights and obligations towards others. Today I am on the doors of graduation. My skills and understanding of legal matters improved.

Sari Mohammed Al Hindi - Law

Before joining Al Falah University, I researched its academic staff and found out they are among the best teachers. I joined College of Law to learn how to deal with laws and how to apply them. After my bachelor's degree, I will also strive for a master's and doctorate. I hope Al Falah University will remain an excellent objective for academic staff who taught students with the right approach

Salwa Mohamed Ahmed - Law

Al Falah University is a distinguished scientific institution that includes a selection of teaching staff. During my studies, I gained knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. In addition, the university is interested in spreading community awareness through workshops with various government agencies.

Hassan Abdullah Al Khuzaimi - Business Administration

The opportunity to study at Al Falah University is a way to develop various skills that can be applied within the university and outside its boundaries. The obligation to attend lectures and participate in various activities helps the student to develop various skills.

Latifa Ali Al Balushi - Business Administration

At Al Falah University, I wanted to develop skills that will contribute to effectively communicating with others. I chose Bachelor of Mass Communication in New Media and gained skills in several important aspects, such as interpersonal communication.

Saleh Muhammad Aqajah - Mass Communication


college of law

The College of Law seeks to educate students with their rights and responsibilities by providing them exemplary quality of instruction as well as hands-on experience. AFU benefits the community with qualified graduates capable of upgrading legal professions, who add value to this field and to the organizations they work for.

The College offers a four-year degree program in Law with the main language of instruction as Arabic. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs worldwide.


College of Business Administration

Al Falah University’s College of Business Administration (COBA) was established in 2015. The University is licensed and COBA’s programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

COBA offers Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BScBA), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting (BScBA in Accounting), Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and Banking (BScBA in Finance and Banking) and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Human Resource Management (BScBA in Human Resource Management).


College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts and Humanities at Al Falah University seeks to develop students ’skills and enable them to become leaders and competitors. The college supports students with advanced foundations in both theoretical and applied aspects of the Arabic language and Islamic studies. General requirements courses expand students' knowledge about surrounding work environment. It is also expected that students will be given the opportunity to improve their skills in a variety of fields, including computers, innovation and creative thinking that will enhance their competitive capabilities.


College of Mass Communication

The College of Mass Communication was established at Al Falah University in 2015 with the aim of preparing qualified graduates in media field, and public relations sector, to face the challenges of media market in UAE, GCC and the Arab region, through effective communication skills, and implementation of advanced media technologies. The College of Mass Communication offers:

  • Bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication in New Media
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication in Electronic Journalism

Medium of Teaching is Arabic and the program is 126 Credit Hours.



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