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Student Facilities


The Canteen of Al Falah University is supplied with fresh food daily. Packaged as well as fresh food and beverages are available for all students and staff. The canteen also provides the facility to pre-order lunch from designated suppliers. 

Along with the Canteen there are two dining areas - one for male and one for female students - indoor and outdoor dining areas. Both are furnished with comfortable tables and chairs set to provide space to students to spend their free time.

Computer Laboratories

Computer Laboratories

AFU computer labs are fully furnished with all the requirements of computer-based courses for any College. A team of expert IT professionals maintains the progress of the labs support the faculty as well as students with every software and hardware need.

Computer Use Policy

The University provides an opportunity for students and other members of the University community to enhance educational experiences and expand their academic knowledge by making available access to computer facilities and resources, including the Internet, e-mail, and the World Wide Web. Thus, technology places a significant amount of power and information in the hands of its users that carries an equal amount of responsibility. Therefore, the following policy has been adopted to define responsible and ethical behavior relating to use of computing facilities and resources at the University. The policy is applicable to all students. As a user of these resources, all faculty, staff and students are responsible for reading and understanding the policy. As a part of the physical and social learning infrastructure, the University acquires,

develops, and maintains a computing infrastructure consisting of computers, networks, and a variety of related support systems. These computing resources are to be utilized for the University-related purposes, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Direct and indirect support of the University’s service missions.
  • Support of student and campus life activities.
  • Support of the free exchange of ideas among members of the University community, as well as the University community and the local, national, and world communities. All information technology resources are the property of the AFU. Except for personally owned computers, the University owns, or has responsibility for, all of the computers and internal computer networks used on campus. Users of the University computing resources and facilities do not own the systems or the accounts they use when accessing the University computers or systems. All existing University regulations and policies apply, including not only those in regulations that are specific to computers and networks but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct. Rules prohibiting misuse, theft, or vandalism apply to all software, data, and physical equipment, including University-owned
  • Data as well as data stored by individuals on the University computing systems.


  • Do use the network according to the University’s code of conduct.
  • Do use the network only for legal activity.
  • Do use appropriate language. Do not swear, use vulgarities, or any abusive words.
  • Do not cut and paste information from the Internet as your own work.
  • Do not access or change in any way another person’s work.
  • Do not gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to resources or information.
  • Do not log into the computer without permission.
  • Do not damage or mistreat computer equipment under any circumstances.
  • Do not copy, download, or install any software or programs to the University computers.
  • Do not remove, relocate, or modify hardware or software.
  • Do not download or stream audio/video files. This limits everyone’s use of our computer network.
  • Do not connect to the AFU network any personal computer or other equipment without permission from the technology staff. This includes (but is not limited to) laptop computers, gaming devices, storage devices, telephones, PDAs, digital cameras, and MP3 players. The AFU Administration and /or Technology staff reserves the right to inspect the contents of this equipment at any time.

Appropriate Use Guidelines

The rights of academic freedom and freedom of expression apply to the use of the University computing resources. So too, however, do the responsibilities and limitations that are associated with those rights. The use of computing resources, like the use of any other University – provided resource and like any other University-related activity, is subject to the normal requirements of legal and ethical behavior. Student access to and use of electronic tools such as e-mail and the Internet is intended for University business and educationally related purposes.

IELTS Testing Venue

A certified partner of British Council since its inception, Al Falah University is an official IELTS Test Venue for current students and applicants all over the emirates.

Prayer Rooms

AFU provides two highly maintained Prayer Rooms for male and female members respectively. Both the rooms are provided with ablution area, air conditioning, scarves (in female prayer area) and Holy Quran.

Students Accommodation

Al Falah University provides a variety of services to students to make their University life easier. One of those services is arranging for housing accommodation for the students’ convenience. Student Affairs meticulously seeks to find a temporary accommodation appropriate to the students’ requirements and which would allow them to enjoy the Emirate of Dubai and their studies. 

Since AFU does not have student housing on campus, the University made agreements with “Uninest” and “The Myriad” for suitable accommodation for students that are accessible and near the University’s main campus. 

For students wishing to avail of this service, contact Student Affairs for more relevant information and to proceed with the application.

Services and facilities at Uninest: 

    • Furnished rooms with electrical appliances
    • Cleaning and maintenance provision
    • University transportation
    • Security system
    • Healthcare of student residents
    • Internet connections in the rooms
    • Gym
    • Group study hall
    • Dining rooms
    • Free water and electricity in the rooms

Students' obligations inside the residence:

    • Commitment to submit all required documents and data that are accurate and clear
    • Caution in using electricity/gas/fire
    • Responsible custodian of the room and proper turning over of the room upon leaving the residence.
    • Being mindful not to disturb other residents
    • Preservation of own valuables

College of Mass Communication Studio


To enhance an academic and professional work environment, to motivate the students and to improve their media skills, the College of Mass Communication Studio has been opened to serve as supplementary mean for various applied courses. COMC Studio helps train students to present media shows, discuss programs and conduct various dialogues. The studio also equips students on digital photography, and it became an outlet for student creativity through projects production. 

The studio is also a venue for audio and video production for audio-visual platform launched by COMC to be a modern educational resource and serve the following goals:

  • Enhance the learning process by providing different sources of knowledge for students in various forms (video - audio - texts - pictures) through a modern means of communication available to everyone via a mobile application.
  • Provide a platform to showcase students’ talents through creative students’ outputs.
  • Provide practical work for students to acquire media skills through Al Falah’s digital radio.
  • Document faculty members’ participation in various channels, conferences and sharing experiences.
  • The studio is still in its first stage and will be followed by the rest of various modern production units. Preparations are underway to launch specialized electronic radio through a mobile application.


  • No AFU student is permitted to put up/out any newsletter, magazine, announcement, or any printed or visual publication without an official written approval from the Students Affairs Unit.
  • Approved announcements should be placed in the designated places only.
  • Students Council and Clubs meetings’ announcements should be approved first by Students Affairs.
  • Students Newsletters and magazines that are produced by student’s council, clubs, and future formed committees must be approved first by Students Affairs.
  • UAE and AFU culture and society ethics should be reflected in all approved announcements.
  • AFU’s logo is allowed to be used for all approved announcements and publications. If the logo is used inappropriately as approved by the university, a disciplinary action will be taken.
  • Students Affairs reserves the right to ensure that all students publications and announcements are in compliance with rules and regulations, and an action will be taken against any student who does not comply with AFU’s policy and regulations as stated above.


Professionals eager and well-versed to serve the queries of outsiders and students operated the front desk at Al Falah University. AFU receptionists welcome walk-ins and entertain telephone call requests.


A well-manicured, semi-covered backyard provides students and staff the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It is also used for small and large-scale university activities.

AFU Auditorium Hall

AFU holds a medium size auditorium that is used for different types of activities, events, and meetings. The Auditorium is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, sound and lighting systems and projector.

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