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Campus Life

Al Falah University is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates a global city and rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East. AFU promotes a study environment filled with intellectual meticulousness without overlooking the need for recreation. Committed to educating the youth, AFU’s graduates become great "thinkers" and “doers” who are opportune to study theories and put scientific experience into practice.
AFU seeks to identify the needs of the students and to meet these needs. The university tries to provide some strategies and events that help the student develop basic skills which help him/her in academic, professional and social success.

"When I joined Al Falah University my goal was to get a degree in law and to be able to practice it. Law is what regulates our daily lives and our rights and obligations towards others. Today I am on the doors of graduation. My skills and understanding of legal matters improved."

Sari Mohammed Al Hindi


"Before joining Al Falah University, I researched its academic staff and found out they are among the best teachers. I joined College of Law to learn how to deal with laws and how to apply them. After my bachelor's degree, I will also strive for a master's and doctorate. I hope Al Falah University will remain an excellent objective for academic staff who taught students with the right approach"

Salwa Mohamed Ahmed


"Al Falah University is a distinguished scientific institution that includes a selection of teaching staff. During my studies, I gained knowledge and skills in the field of business administration. In addition, the university is interested in spreading community awareness through workshops with various government agencies."

Hassan Abdullah Al Khuzaimi

Business Administration

"The opportunity to study at Al Falah University is a way to develop various skills that can be applied within the university and outside its boundaries. The obligation to attend lectures and participate in various activities helps the student to develop various skills."

Latifa Ali Al Balushi

Business Administration

"At Al Falah University, I wanted to develop skills that will contribute to effectively communicating with others. I chose New Media specialization at the College of Mass Communication and gained skills in several important aspects, such as interpersonal communication."

Saleh Muhammad Aqajah

Mass Communication

Student Services

Activities and Events

The student activities carried out by all departments and colleges at the university, both on campus and outside are connected to the University’s objectives, mission and vision scheduled in each semester. Student activities are supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs and must be approved by the management prior to the implementation of the activity. Activities are scheduled in the university calendar and advertised on the website and each activity is evaluated based on the University’s vision, mission and objectives.

Alumni Services

Al Falah University seeks to facilitate continuous communication with its graduates and help them develop their abilities to meet the challenges they may face in the labor market and provide guidance to them to complete their higher education. The deanship organizes some activities and events that are consistent with the vision and mission of the University. Al Falah University tries to strengthen the relationship between the university and its graduates, to develop a sense of participation among graduates, and to encourage joint cooperation between graduates and the university to provide better service to the community. Graduate activities are planned early in each semester.

Orientation & Induction for New Students

Al Falah University organizes an orientation for new students to acquaint students with the different disciplines offered at the university. College Deans provide a clear picture of the colleges, requirements of the study, study plan & services provided. The Deanship of Student Affairs offers a presentation of all extracurricular activities at the university while the concerned department heads provide information about facilities and other pertinent information the students require.

Academic Advising

Al Falah University aims to prepare and implement an academic guidance program to assist students in the field of academic excellence. This is done through new students’ orientation and induction. Academic advisor from each college are available to provide guidance regarding academic programs. Students with low GPA are assisted via additional lectures in the Knowledge Center to further explain the course subject to the students. The advising process is not only limited to the academic aspect but also for career development.

Personal Counseling

AFU students have the opportunity to obtain specialized psychosocial counseling on the development of psychosocial skills based on the theories of psychology. The Deanship of Student Affairs offers scientific consultations on time management, anxiety reduction strategies, mindfulness, empathy and other skills to help achieve academic and social success

The Partnership & Outreach

Contract agreements with many institutions operating in the country, which provide an opportunity for students to see the opportunities available.


Starting University could be a daunting task and overwhelming. Coping with the stress might be challenging, and it is in this regard that the Student Affairs Unit at Al Falah University instituted its Counseling Services to help students discuss their anxieties. Counselors treat issues in the utmost confidential and professional way within a safe environment to make the students feel protected and secure.

The Counseling Service is available to students undergoing immense difficulties dealing with personal problems and academic struggles. The service is also offered to enhance the competencies of students by arranging for opportunities and occasions that will help develop their abilities and discover new ones.

Health Services

Al Falah University seeks to maintain a healthy environment, as well as the safety and well-being of its students by conducting awareness seminars and health-related events and activities. A questionnaire is distributed, and each student is asked to indicate their health status and if they have a health condition requiring special care. A report of the students’ visit to the First Aid Room is discussed in the weekly Deans’ Council. Furthermore and in response to the requirements of UAE Laws and Regulations, Al Falah University aims to protect and promote the health of the AFU community and their visitors, to enhance public health practice and to support workforce development. AFU actively seeks to maintain a sanitized learning environment by preventing the development and spreading of diseases and illness.


AFU provides students, employees, teaching staff and visitors with a high level of safety. The Administration & management must maintain safety feeling against any risks. Being committed to safety, AFU permanently endeavors to maintain a safe environment. Hence, safety measures are precisely implemented; security gates are provided with well-experienced security officers and no person may enter into the premises unless he/she holds the relevant permit.

Alumni Office

Al-Falah University seeks to facilitate continuous communication with its graduates and help them develop their abilities to meet the challenges they may face in the labor market and provide guidance to them to complete their higher education. The Office organizes some activities and events that are consistent with the vision and mission of the University. Al Falah University tries to strengthen the relationship between the university and its graduates, to develop a sense of participation among graduates, and to encourage joint cooperation between graduates and the university to provide better service to the community. The office is supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs. Graduate activities are planned early in each semester.

Career Development

The Career Development Service is offered to assist students and alumni with career planning and job search. Dean of Student Affairs is available to assist students in deciding their major, assessing their skills and interests, exploring job information, writing resumes and cover letters, polishing interview skill, and developing job-search strategies. The Dean of Student Affairs seeks to assist students by helping them relate their career goals to their educational goals. This process begins in the freshman year through the use of personal interest, values, skills and experiences and expands throughout a student’s university years to resume development, internships, graduate college planning and job search. Career development service is an important resource for all students - not just for job-hunting seniors. All students are encouraged to work with career services throughout their university experience in all career-related matters.

Career Development Services

  • Developing Job Seeking Skills Engaging students in developing job seeking skills (i.e. the ability to find jobs). Provide students with the opportunity to attend training courses or attend lectures, meetings and workshops in order to develop job-search strategies, basic skills to help them choose the appropriate specialization then seek the career. Empowering students with practical career preparation skills that will allow them to link personal values with career choices, equipping them with the appropriate skills is equally important in preparing them for future career success. Through appointments, workshops, Career Library resources, we provide tips on strategies to find the job a student wants.
  • Basic Skills Enhancement for Professional and Social Success Career experience includes a professional side which is associated with the different tasks the individual has to do at work and another social emotional side that appears in the individual`s relationships with his or her colleagues. These factors pose a serious challenge to AFU to develop programs and services to promote social and emotional skills of its students in an effort to help them achieve social adjustment during and after the study period. A student’s possession of the skill of selfawareness helps him/her to become more aware of his thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and emotions and how those thoughts and emotions affect his/her behavior. Similarly, self-regulation assists them in the management of their thoughts, emotions and behavior and expresses them in a socially acceptable manner and in taking big steps toward social & professional adjustment.
  • Preparation for Interviews Students can schedule appointment with the Dean of Student Affairs to discuss interviewing skills and procedures. They can also benefit from the opportunity of participating in lectures and meetings on the subject of preparing for the job interview.
  • Preparation for Resume & Cover Letter Writing Students can sign-up for resume appointments with the Dean of Student Affairs to get feedback on their resumes or cover letters. Students also have the opportunity to participate in lectures and meetings on the subject of preparing a CV.
  • Career Fairs The University seeks to encourage students to participate in the career fairs, in addition to organizing a day during the year, in which the various institutions and companies in the country are invited to the university to carry their search for prospective interns/employees. Each student has the opportunity to learn about available employment opportunities and required qualifications.
  • The Internship Successful relationships with internal and external partners rely on frequent communication and on the development and maintenance of a mutual understanding of the value that these collaborations hold for students. The internship/training program is open to all majors. Students can sign-up for Internship appointments in their colleges and deanship of student affairs.

Student Clubs

Starting from interest oriented activities to talent enhancement; AFU strives to give the students absolute independence of experience. Our students lead a wide range of cultural, academic and social organizations. Student representatives work together with university leaders to enhance the student experience.

The Media Club

Media Club provides coverage for all types of on and off campus activities and events. The club is also responsible for promoting AFU locally and internationally using various media channels. The club is mainly run by students as contributors of stories, photos, videos and newsworthy articles. Media Club provides students with the opportunity to express their ideas and talent through media, communication and journalism.

Writers Club

AFU Innovators Writers Club is responsible for the Students Newsletter that documents the achievements of AFU by student journalists. The students are also given the chance to network with professional organizations for career opportunities and professional development.


Student Affairs Unit at Al-Falah University recently joined the Institutions of Higher Education League. The AFU’s Football Team has been newly founded and other sport teams are currently underway.

Literary Creativity Club

Literary Creativity Club aims to encourage students to practice their literary creative skills by writing poetries, short stories, novels and other literary mediums to develop and enhance their writing skills.

The Innovation Club

Innovation Club is a multidisciplinary club that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation for creative thinkers and innovators. AFU provides the resources, connections, and facilities to help students shape a better future. The club accomplishes its goals through ideation sessions, educational workshops, hands-on design projects and community outreach programs.

The Talent and Excellence Club

Talent and Excellence Club strives to discover and develop talents and to promote spirit of competition. It is a unique scientific, cultural, social and sports club that allows students to showcase their talents in any field.

The Land of Opportunity

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia. Four-fifths of the UAE is desert with contrasting landscapes – from the towering red dunes of Liwa to the rich oasis of Al Ain. From the Hajar Mountains to fertile coastal plains.

Student Facilities

The Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center

Al Falah University seeks to develop an early intervention program to enhance academic performance. Each student will have the opportunity to obtain scientific meetings to develop advanced concepts and skills in the academic subjects. AFU tries to identify the study skills that help in academic achievement, developing motivation towards learning and achieving success and develop self-awareness by identifying strengths in performance and weaknesses.



Professionals eager and well-versed to serve the queries of outsiders and students operated the front desk at Al Falah University. AFU receptionists welcome walk-ins and entertain telephone call requests.



A well-manicured, semi-covered backyard provides students and staff opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It is also used for small and large-scale university activities.

AFU Auditorium Hall

AFU Auditorium Hall

AFU holds a medium size auditorium that is used for different types of activities, events, and meetings. The Auditorium is fully equipped with wifi, sound and lighting systems and projector.

Car Park

Car Park

Al Falah University is in Garhoud among other educational institutions. Unrestricted parking within proximity to the campus building is free.

Computer Laboratories

Computer Laboratories

AFU computer labs are fully furnished with all the requirements of computer based courses for any College. A team of expert IT professionals maintains the progress of the labs support the faculty as well as students with every software and hardware need.



Equipped with whiteboard, tables and chairs and furnished with the latest PCs, internet connection and other audio-visual equipment such as projectors, screens and flip charts are readily available and specific to the needs of the students.



The Canteen of Al Falah University is supplied with fresh food daily. Packaged as well as fresh food and beverages are available for all students and staff. The canteen also provides the facility to pre-order lunch from designated suppliers. Along with the Canteen there are two dining areas - one for male and one for female students - indoor and outdoor dining areas. Both are furnished with comfortable tables and chairs set to provide space to students to spend their free time.

Financial Lab

Financial Lab

In partnership with Market Traders Academy, AFU launched its Investment and Trading Laboratory to allow students access to Bloomberg databases and other resources and experience trading and investment in real-time.

IELTS Testing Venue

IELTS Testing Venue

A certified partner of British Council since its inception, Al Falah University is an official IELTS Test Venue for current students and applicants all over the emirates.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer Rooms

AFU provides two highly maintained Prayer Rooms for male and female members respectively. Both the rooms are provided with ablution area, air conditioning, scarves (in female prayer area) and Holy Quran.

Students Accommodation

Students Accommodation

AFU does not have its own student’s accommodation, but has arranged with a private company “Uninest” to offer accommodation for AFU’s students. Uninest is an independent student accommodation company, offering secure high quality residences with a variety of different room types to suit all student budgets for students studying in the UAE.

English Learning Center

English Learning Center

The English Learning Centre (ELC) at Al Falah University exists to serve the students with any language related training courses and assessment tests. The center provides comprehensive English language skill evaluation and training. Evaluation and training include.

AFU Studio

AFU Studio

To enhance an academic and professional work environment, to motivate the students and to improve their media skills, the College of Mass Communication Studio has been opened to serve as supplementary mean for various applied courses. COMC Studio helps train students to present 84 media shows, discuss programs and conduct various dialogues.

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Al Falah University held its annual Ramadan Majlis online

In compliance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates on the necessity of social distancing due to the Corona virus, Al Falah University held its annual Ramadan Majlis online. Faculty members and administrative staff exchanged greetings for the holy month of Ramadan and discussed the university's plans to adapt to the current situation via distance learning method and to ...

100 Participants Attend an Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Event

Al Falah University in cooperation with Dubai Customs organized a march to raise awareness on intellectual property rights, under the slogan "Emirates rights reserved" as part of the university's campaign to educate the community about intellectual property rights and to emphasize the importance of protecting moral and material interests of individuals, institutions and companies for their literary or artistic production.Many ...

Al Falah University participates in a working paper at the World Education Forum 2020

Al Falah University participates in a working paper at the World Education Forum 2020 entitled Social-Emotional Skills and Education Challenges,   Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Al Falah University participated in the 13th World Education Forum 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Center, organized by ...

Medical day at Al Falah University

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Falah University organized a health awareness day for faculty and students in cooperation with the Medical Directory Center, the Italian Dental Clinic, Emirates Specialist Hospital, Al Jaber Optics, Welcare Mediclinic Hospital, and Wellness by Design. The event featured activities and targeted examinations that promoted health awareness such as diabetes checks, blood pressure, ...

IELTS test workshop

The Deanship of Student Affairs, in cooperation with the General Education Department at Al Falah University, organized an introductory workshop on the IELTS test. Several university students from various colleges attended where they were introduced to the IELTS examination system, which is a requirement for work abroad and an admission requirement for universities. The International English Language Testing System or ...

A workshop on Dubai's economic role in protecting the business sector

The College of Law at Al Falah University in cooperation with the Dubai Economic Department organized an awareness workshop on commercial control services and consumer protection in addition to intellectual property protection, presented by Mr. Ibrahim Behzad, Director of Intellectual Property Protection Department in the Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, Professor ...

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